In 2005 author Greg Hoffman was chosen by Chet to write his biography leaving him with the mysterious assignment to “Set the record straight.” After only two interviews Chet passed away. For eight years Greg faithfully followed hard after Chet’s true story, piecing together his findings with meticulous accuracy. Due to health concerns, Greg is no longer able to pursue his mission so with Johnny Helm’s blessing, he passed his manuscript, research and archival files to James MacLeod who is producing / directing a documentary feature film about Chet Helms and the True Believers of the Psychedelic Era. We would like to thank Greg for pioneering in this effort and helping James and I set the record straight.

Written by: Greg Hoffman, Chet Helm’s official biographer 

Chet Helms was born at 12:48 a.m. on August 2, 1942.

( Chet as a crossing guard at school)

Chet Helms passed away at 12:34 a.m. on June 25, 2005.

Chet w Norton Buffalo

( Chet towards the end of his Life )

Chet Helms was born on a Saturday in summer and Chet Helms passed away on a Saturday in summer. And along the way, Chet Helms became known as “The Father of The Summer of Love”, and then some called Him, I believe more appropriately  ;                                “The Big Brother of the Summer of Love”

 ( Poster of Concert in 2005 celebrating Chet’s Life * )

“The hearts that love will know never winter’s frost and chill.

Summer’s warmth is in them still.”
                                                                            – Eben Eugene Rexford            

Chet Helms was and always will be summer’s child.

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  1. 33Malcolm says:

    I must say,you write interesting content ……can’t wait for more info on the making of the Film. Can you post a “teaser reel”, or segments of the Interviews, and show some of the Archival Film that will be used ?

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