This Film is about the gathering of the Tribes ( the flower children, musicians, poster artists, poets, activists, promoters, gurus, chemists, alchemists, performance artists, electric kool-aid  professors, jesters, mime troopers, street artists, promoters of higher consciousness, light show gurus, and teachers, etc, etc, etc….)

If you have any Interesting Stories to tell, or stories you would like to tell in the film, please go to the Comments section below, and tell us your story, or at least the basic outline of it.

How did one summer last thirty … forty … fifty years and beyond???

Charlatan’s on Flatbed , at one of the many Free Concerts in Golden Gate Park !     You will hear their stories in the Film ……… Do you have any 8mm, Super8mm, or 16mm footage of these concerts, and Happenings ??  ** We’ve got some , but are forever looking for more !

The Charlatan’s in the Park again, giving a Free Concert ; ” 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love” —— Your Filmmaker was there ….doing Interview’s of course

Family Dog on Pine Street – photo by Herb Greene

The Charlatans
Chet Helms & Company

Just post your stories by  using the comments section below, and we will then make them permanent posts – in this section of Stories !!!

It could be a lot of Fun .. Expanding your Consciousness !!!!


Chet with his dear friend Jerry Garcia , at Bobby Weir’s Birthday Celebration !!

Robbie, Michael, Bob, and Allen — All Poet’s of the 60’s in their own right influenced what happened in the Haight Ashbury !

3 thoughts on “Tales of The Psychedelic 60’s

  1. James says:

    The Human Be-in (which a great deal of the people we have interviewed for this Film helped put together) drew at least 35,000 people with virtually no conventional publicity, mostly word of mouth. They realized that by the time school let out in April, or May that we would be inundated by literally tens of thousands of young people from all over the world.

  2. Peter says:

    I know a free spirited young woman who”s just flying off to Tenerrife at the drop of a hat. I told her you belong in the sixties. Then I realised she would be fascinated by all the stories of teenagers who just took off with no money, and sometimes no shoes, and could hitchhike all over the world and somehow get away with it. Think I have a few stories myself but there are millions out there. “We all took off our clothes on the beach and danced away til dawn” sort of thing. “One day I was working in an office in the city, 24 hrs later I was watching the sunrise over the mountains having completely left behind my previous life”. etc. The movie I Love You Alice B Toklas has a flavour of it.

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