A Hippie will go the extra mile to share whatever he has with someone in need …

photo by Alan Stone


(  ***A Reunion in The Park, many, many years later !)

( The Charlatans on a Flatbed Truck , giving a spontaneous Free Concert in the Park )

( Photo: Taken after Chet took over as Organizer of the Family Dog )

Urban Dictionary Definition :

**** A Hippie is a person who was raised under the ideological system that came out of the tumultuous 1960’s in North America and western Europe. They are either of the flower-child/baby boomer generation or that generations’ subsequent offspring. They possess a core belief set revolving around the values of peace and love as being essential in an increasingly globalized society, and they are oftentimes associated with non-violent anti-governmental groups. There is a stigma of drug abuse attached to the hippies that is prevalent to this day, specifically the use and abuse of marijuana and hallucinagens. Many rock movements,poets, artists, and writers from the 1960’s to today have associated with this movement, most prominently The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, and Phish. There are others too numerous to name. The movement, then and now, is considered a sub-culture by sociologists that associates itself with the left in all its political opinions. The conservative right often berates and abuses the opinions of people who associate themselves with the hippie movement and/or lifestyle, as the consider it dangerous and degenerative to a society to favor liberalism to such an extent.

Really, did the dictionary get this right ???

Now tell us your definition of a Hippie…

15 thoughts on “Share Your Story

  1. Hummingbear says:

    I am proud to be a hippie, full of unconditional love and acceptance of all living beings and all living things on this magnificent planet. I wish more human beings would embrace the hippie attitude and lifestyle. With love and gratitude from Hummingbear Aka KellyAnn Johnson <3

  2. warren phillips says:

    The original Hippies were tribes of reincarnated Native Americans & Hawaiians who were inexplicably drawn by their common affinity for psychedelic drugs,beatnik literature, and folk,blues and rock&roll music to live in communal groups in San Francisco in the early to middle 1960s. This flowering of love consciousness,was no doubt, provoked by the near miss nuclear war of 1962. I believe that Hippies were the natural response of the planetary ecosystem trying to save itself.

  3. squid b. vicious says:

    I WAS THERE FROM BEGINNING TO THE SAD ENDING. IN FACT I’M STILL THERE EXCEPT NOW I OWN THE BUILDING. In 1963 I just started Jr high school and had a band called TOMORROW’S CHILDREN. One day my friend and I went to the Haight cause his older brother said it was happening, so we cut class and hung out. IT WAS COOL. People hanging out on the sidewalks, poets, dancers, musicians. I knew I was home. I met Chet at the Haight A, a cafe that had live music. We watched bands being formed right there on stage.People would come up to me and ask, “Wow you look like you’re in a band, ya wanna be?” OK … I got on stage and played Jimi Hendrix songs. The album just came out. After the set, Chet grabbed me and said, “Wow man, you sound just like Jimi. From that point we became very good friends. He taught me a lot including how to roll a joint without using the roller. chet and Allen Cohen took me under their wing and showed me that way of the tribe. The scene exploded and all my new friends were getting recording contracts. I signed with a small label called ROYAL ASHBURY, which was also a rehearsal hall for rent. Thats where I met Merl Saunders and jerry. In the end when Chet needed help, I was there. I owe him so much. Someone needs to contact me, I have massive stories about Chet.

    1. Jim MacLeod says:

      I here ya Squid ! We’ve talked on & off about this for years……now is the time!
      I will be calling you soon for a Interview; “camera crew in tow”.
      We are inviting everyone who has stories about those days !
      Thanks for commenting, we will post your story, and if you have any others, that you would like to post on this Page, please feel free to post them under the ” Comments section ” – and we will format, and post them on the site!! See You soon ✌️️

      1. Michael phillips says:

        Well. I was in hot lanta… 1966 9n. The strip. Piedmont 0ark. Cattacimbs. Bottom of the barrel. Allman bros. In the park playing for free. Buying dope off the street. All the beautiful people. Changed me forever. Saw great full dead canned heat together jamming at piedmont park after first atl pop festival.

  4. Nathan Josephs says:

    NOW FOR SUMN’ COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (The whole movement and music made me who I am today. Chet, Bill, Gary and all… What’s a Hippie, I learned from the best, Be yourself Now… Enjoy, I hope. DrJ

    Continuing Rambling from Strange Fingers of Light (ITS LONG!)

    As recent posts have mentioned. The Dr Fulford DO material, as Interpreted by Dr Nathan Josephs DO (bunches of letters) will be released. THE EXPERIENTIAL MODEL. 20+/- years ago I was blessed to meet and spend significant time with Dr. Fulford D.O., I still work on understanding his teaching and the depths of his skill to this day.

    In the past month I met my next Blessing (it’s actually been almost 4 years now, my next “Dr. Fulford”! Not an Osteopath, but He might as well have been​, I express it in my hippie “Grateful Dead” lexicon…..He’s one of ”THE ANSWER MEN”.
    I had the opportunity to treat this human/ (or was treated…you understand…or should). This was a mind so practiced and complex that in an instantaneous implosion, Information finally once revealed to me, allowed me to understand/evolve, once again by Dr. Fulford’s training. It is only now; 20 years later that I dare to describe my experience below (get the rubber room ready).
    We all have experienced “wild” treatments (I hope); this was all that and more! I am only describing my “third eye’s” ️ experience below. Mechanics were mechanics but Magic​ ……….wabbits
    Picture an eight sided Lug-Nut (eventually, you will come to find that there are infinite sides, and in fact, like the constant Pi, perfect circles shouldn’t exist, It spirals, (what spiral’s?). That Wheel , that keeps turning. The one you can’t stop holding on too . Ya know, if the Thunder ️ don’t get ya the Lightening ⚡️ will. Each of those eight sided, #8, (outside/external), lug nut surfaces are covered by mirrors. Now, let’s make a very long line of these Lug-Nuts and place them side by side. Each Lug-Nut is magnetically connected to each other, but do not touch. Each can rotate individually around an imaginary chain/vector,. The Vortex (wabbit hole) is hear . Jump! Deal with the consequences later.

    Now, just considering the outside of these eight sided, mirrored covered, Lug-nut “FOOT MATS”, picture it as if you could (YOU CAN) stand on one and look into the vast expanse of time and space. Infinitely big is the same size as infinitely small so we have no space or time constraints. The space a comet needs to travel the universe or a protein traveling thru the cellular milieu to its target. It is, as if, one can stand on each, or any mirrored foot mat and just enjoy the view. Time seems to stop (a Still Point!) and you can take the time to enjoy the view, self inquiry and Meditate. Dive ⚓️ but anchor first.

    The Center of the “lug nuts” are hollow, the Black Whole, as discussed below, it is formed by the inside rounded hole of the lug-nuts in series. Since the chain is freely floating in “space”, it twists and turns like DNA. This imaginary, infinitely long chain of magnetically connected lug nuts follows the laws of physics ️ and molecular chemistry ⚛️.

    Consider again, you are standing on one of those “mirrored foot mats”, one side of one lug nut, spinning in infinite space as the entire chain simultaneously twists and shouts. If you have “energetically” entered the system (what system?…any system!) THIS is the present MOMENT for both you and the patient in this present lifetime. From here you can see the lines of the systems history, trauma’s, decisions, stories and the karmic pasts Tomorrows. Take a step forward ➡️ onto the adjacent lug nut, Your combined future in that present moment is experienced. Of course a step back ⬅️ and “back to the future”. We follow our story lines (parreling the patients, remember, parrell lines , meet at the horizon). If we meet, this must be the Horizon . This is how to facilitate Health & reduce Dis-Ease. Whether it is Mind, Body or Spirit and of course a combination of all, none, or any of infinite possibilities (when and how changes occured, the initial crack, SHOULD BE CONSIDERED. We can polish those mirrored, breaded crumbed trails and “re-write” (A Neurosculpting® term) the story. The re-written story is ‘HEALTH’. Sounds like “unwinding” to me. Vibrational Healing .

    A step sideways, right and/or left, and you and the patient are in the combined present moment of an alternate parallel life. From there you can follow the trauma lines of that life. We all say “perhaps it is an injury you had in another life” or “birth trauma” or “its karma” or “your mother had significant trauma during your pregnancy and it is following and affecting your present story or, definitely, “it was the 15th century, that time you were beheaded by King “so and so”. Genetic Lineage Healing. At the DNA level. The dysfunctional spin of electrons are passed thru pregnancy. Heal the Sins of the Father. It is what you might not be aware of. Remember, that “lug nut” is infinitely sided. Not just eight sides used for this example. The lug nuts can turn freely, like a rubric’s cube, and it is hard to follow the exact story lines as the lug nuts twist and turn and float freely in space with no orientation or axis system. All the steps look and reflect the same. This is how we change story lines, wrongly, remember the neural map “differently” than the “actual” map (storyline) and Consciously and Neuroplastically change The Story. Crisscross our own neurology/lug nuts and change both stories. The Facilitator of Health has to follow this road map precisely! No worries it gets worse. If the facilitator is mirroring the patients Dis-Ease, The Facilitator does their own house cleaning. It’s also how we get out of the Way.

    So, as the surface curls and flows freely in 3rd eye space ️, remember as the facilitator you must maintain an external coordinate system, somehow (one of those hard parts). “You” have to Know where you are (and what you are doing), thru time, space, physiology and mechanics.

    Choose the lifetime/storyline you want to explore, watch your step. Stay on the story line. It’s so easy to change story lines and since you do not know the story we confabulate one. We know from Neuroplasticity that the story is not as important as the AUTONOMIC response to that story (Lisa Wimburger (Lisa Marie): NEW BRAIN NEW BELIEF), but the facilitator must keep the story, rock solid and on track to facilitate Health.

    We all have MAD skills, so it is from here, that you release trauma. You tell me how you did that, please!

    Miss-steps are very dangerous (to the facilitator and most importantly the patient) and changing and mixing story lines is how we have done so much damage to date. The story will stop making sense but our EGO’s will not allow us to think we have made a mistake and Being So Smart (a**ed) we are very adept at putting round pegs in square holes. “We” are very good; if not the best; at convincing ourselves we are always right. We charge lots of money to do that (and get it). We play in every fields of interpersonal interaction. Nobody gets better this way, so we have them come back next week, and “mess em up again”. You 50 minute hour is up. “We’ll start here next time”, Oy, Who’s practicing? WATCH YOUR STEP….WATCH YOUR INTENT….A PRACTICED MIND WILL NOT FAULTER….A MINDFUL MIND WILL FACILITATE HEALTH….AN UNEDUCATED, CLUTTERED, UNPRACTICED MIND WILL ONLY PRODUCE DIS –EASE.•••••TAKE HOME MESSAGE•••••; Don’t chase *DYSFUNCTION*, chase *HEALTH*. Read the road map before you leave. Have a plan. Never leave home without your highly tuned “Third Eye GPS” . The inside of the “Lug Nut” is how we zip around the 11 dimensions. It’s all about Phi, Buckminster Fuller Triangles, and that elusive Fourth Wall of the Triangle. (another hard part)

    Simultaneously, the inside of the “wormhole”, formed by the inside of those lug nuts; needs to be navigated, from within these infinite, milineal systems​ (what systems​?). If you want to jump forward here, there are no walls and there is no real structure….at least in this dimension, but I digress.

    The Tide, the Wave, the Minnow……Time to Evolve and Enter the Wabbit Whole.

    Every Lug Nut has many (infinite) reference points (x,y,z; or o,o,o) externally, but internally it is round. I keep track of as many external reference points as possible. Inside the Wabbit whole gets crazy, I need those reference points, those bread crumbs, to follow a story (and stay on track), and to come home safely (mind, body and spirit) without embracing and owning “their”, the patients, stories and traumas. Oh yeah, like we all don’t come home with that headache we all know which patient we took it from and now realize we forgot to clear our mirrored headache before we layered another patients story on ours (and them). No wonder there are so many wounded facilitators of health.

    Every X, Y, Z point connects via a vector (direction and force) to every other X, Y, Z point. The vectors cross but never touch. These are all your “o,o,o” reference points, remember them, as you will be traveling to places like 2x, 300y and -2089z and you will need to find home. (If someone reminds me I will give up the “Ruby Red Shoe” Trick). The connections form 3-D triangles. The surfaces of these triangles are mirrored as well, but holographically, so you can see though this glass like surface at some angles but they reflect at others. (Of course they are not really physical), but the surfaces are there and one is able to skate across them. These are most likely Golden Ratio Triangles

    Perfect •Dysfunction• reflects the same as Perfect •Function•. HOW DO WE TELL THE DIFFERENCE?

    What’s left inside that wormhole, a kaleidoscopic maze of fun house holographic triangles connecting everything to everything and all time to the present moment! You travel inside the wormhole at light speed. It’s via this maze of Buckminster Triangles, and the complexity of the mathematics (languages, music), and the understanding of the complex thought of “the” Einstein’s and Coltrane’s (or anyone similar), that we begin to see and navigate, not only our own dis-ease and mutations, but those we may facilitate. These are the patterns of long standing genetic lineage dis-ease.

    That’s Demanding Health!

    So we have this crazy infinitely long chain of mirrored lug nuts spinning freely in space with a complex time traveling portal within. What I didn’t say is this is only one strand of the “DNA”. Like an illusion, I am trying to paint with words. Exactly how does the companion strand of “DNA lug nuts” align and how does it self regulate? I am all up for suggestions here,
    In that every one interaction changes my work dramatically and permanently. I had not evolved so instantaneously like this since Dr. Fulford first touch me, and before tha, Dr Wyatt, Chila, Becker, Korr, Upledger………..JERRY!

    I understand what Dr. Fulford so wonderfully planted and seeded in my brain to discover so many years later when the downloaded information I had processed during practice grew and bloomed.*****What am I supposed to do with this information now?****** It explains what I have been doing. It explains how I travel so effortlessly thru the body and find genetic and traumatic code errors. It totally explains the Dr.’s Becker’s​, Fulford, Sutherland and the rest of them. It explains the Magic ♦️, whatever that is. It may explain the confusion and disconnect between the various practices, held so tightly in their respective dogmas. It allow us to begin to finally fold all our material together.

    In all psychedelic fraternal weirdness:


    As few things I haven’t worked out yet and a few suggestions if you are having problems understanding this.

    It takes years to practice a practice.

    If we step forward (in the mind’s eye) into the future, back into the past and sideways into present parallel lives, what’s UP and Down; the 4th and 5th dimensions?

    The holographic colors are mostly on the blue, purple and green spectrum but all colors are present.

    If you have not done your own personal meditative, self-inquiry work simultaneously with your manual or energetic skills, you are way behind the curve. Tough love yes! But, how dare you work out your dysfunction on the people who come to you for help.

    Find you’re Practice

    Tell me I am obnoxious, but my trainers, guru’s, mentors and therapists all “loving” said the same and I listened. The Point, ask the dumb questions. Everyone wants to know. Speak up, no disgrace in evolving your Telepathic Powers.

    Join Strange Fingers of Light, STILL POINT Productions & Events or Hands On Jams, our FB Service Groups, in our continuing quest to facilitate Health.

  5. Chris Foster says:

    Hippies are conscience and compassionate people
    who believe they should live in harmony with each other
    and the environment. Hippies are necessary!

  6. Neil says:

    I remember laying around the living room at the doghouse on bourbon st waiting for the new posters to arrive so we could hit the road at tack up the posters. I did the east bay put up posters from Crockett to Berkeley on SP Av. Riding a 305 Honda. Rolled a lot of joints in the room on bourbon st. Wish I had kept a copy of all those old Avalon posters I’d be a rich man

  7. Cyd Summers says:

    I was there in the Haight from the spring of 67 to the bitter end… ( though spent some time of summer of love in NYC ). Mine is one of the faces in the infamous “The Hippie Temptation.” I am the blonde with the flowers painted on her face in the scene of the Dead preforming. I was filmed AGAINST my permission. Have attempted contacting CBS for years but no response from them. They continue to use my face on a regular basis. The Diggers had told us not to cooperate with them because they were filming a one sided smear on hippies. I told the creep who eventually filmed me. I was filmed April 14th 1967 at a Country Joe and the Fish concert in the Panhandle. My face was inserted into footage of a Dead concert I had not been at. I am constantly defending who we were and are. We are creative, we are peaceful. We care about others. We are as colorful as a kaleidoscope. My rants ( and original songs ) are up on youtube ( search for Cyd Summers ). So many wonderful memories of the Haight: flowers in my hair, love beads and bells, Hippie Hill, Janis, Jim and Jimi ( met them all at Janis’ place on Lyon Street, met John Lennon at the Blue Unicorn ), dancing in the Panhandle and Golden Gate Park, at the Family Dog, the Fillmore, etc.. A poet, fashion design sketcher and dancer ( and now also songwriter-singer, fantasy writer and artist ), Haight Ashbury was the patchouli scented Bohemia of my youth.

    1. Jmac2day says:

      Thanks for checking -in on the Film. I’ll be contacting you about your story, —–and this is one filmmaker “who will definitely get your permission before you appear in the Film”. Its sounds like you have many interesting stories ! – Jim

  8. Jon Hinck says:

    A hippie hitch hikes or offers a ride to hitch hikers. In the van, or bug or micro-bus the hippies share what they have, food, recreational drugs, love & beverages. They trust each other and look after each other and it works out well. The world becomes a place where people are in it together. I felt that and happily participated. Jon

  9. Patrick Colucci aka Christopher Cole says:

    I was a seminarian who had faltered in 1969, ill-equipped to battle the existential windmills of grief placed before me. I had carried the hopes and aspirations of my monsignor, my parish, and the small Village of Irvington, New York upon my shoulders–and I was losing the battle. Unable to fathom the chaos before me (civil unrest, assassinations, war), I literally drugged and drank myself into oblivion, falling backwards into locked church doors-ways in the middle of the night…
    0n August 28 1969, a week or so after being drawn by fate to experience Woodstock together, a young seventeen girl gave me this gift to keep me safe. She must have meant what she inscribed on the back of a St Christopher’s medal, because we were married ten months later, and remain so to this day.

  10. Shirleen Eva says:

    I’m impressed, I have to admit. Genuinely rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail around the head. Your idea is outstanding; the problem is a thing that too little folks are speaking intelligently about. We are happy that we stumbled across this in my seek out something with this.

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