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  • If you know people in the music, film or movie industry that would want to invest in a documentary film about Chet Helms and SF musicians that started the psychedelic sound — and everything else that took place between 1963-1973 please contact James MacLeod at  < >
  • We need an angel investor at this point in our film. So if you or anyone you  know is interested in becoming the executive producer please let us know and/or put the word out to your associates. Tell them that this is an important, historic and accurate account of the Birth of the Psychedelic Era.  It’s been said that during the fifties we as a country were in labor … about to give birth to change. Around 1963 the birth was taking place … the birth of the Psychedelic Era.
  • Your thoughtfulness and support are extremely appreciated.

This is our year to shine. Let’s make both the most and the best of it !!!