I WAS THERE FROM BEGINNING TO THE SAD ENDING. IN FACT I’M STILL THERE EXCEPT NOW I OWN THE BUILDING. In 1963 I just started Jr high school and had a band called TOMORROW’S CHILDREN. One day my friend and I went to the Haight cause his older brother said it was happening, so we cut class and hung out. IT WAS COOL. People hanging out on the sidewalks, poets, dancers, musicians. I knew I was home. I met Chet at the Haight A, a cafe that had live music. We watched bands being formed right there on stage.People would come up to me and ask, “Wow you look like you’re in a band, ya wanna be?” OK … I got on stage and played Jimi Hendrix songs. The album just came out. After the set, Chet grabbed me and said, “Wow man, you sound just like Jimi. From that point we became very good friends. He taught me a lot including how to roll a joint without using the roller. Chet and Allen Cohen took me under their wing and showed me that way of the tribe. The scene exploded and all my new friends were getting recording contracts. I signed with a small label called ROYAL ASHBURY, which was also a rehearsal hall for rent. That’s where I met Merl Saunders and Jerry. In the end when Chet needed help, I was there. I owe him so much. Someone needs to contact me, I have massive stories about Chet.

Squid with Wavy Gravy – Squid introduced The Squid Vicious Orchestra, and headlined the Herbie Herbert Roast, a benefit concert for Thunder Road at Bimbo’s in San Francisco. The band featured an all star cast with guest performances by Joe Louis Walker, Robben Ford, Huey Lewis, Narada Michael Walden, The Tower of Power Horns, and members of Journey. His repeat SVO performance capped off the evening at “The Tribute to Chet Helms.”
Squid B. Vicious