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Chet Helms and the Psychedelic 60’s.

This Film is about the gathering of the Tribes

(the flower children, the philosophers , musicians, poster artists, poets, activists, the “Happenings”, the gurus, chemists, the march’s, the Shows, the alchemists,  the dreamers, performance artists, the electric kool-aid professors, the many jesters, mime-troopers, street artists, promoters of higher consciousness, light show gurus, the Be-In’s, the Love-In’s, the dancers, the magicians, and teachers, etc, etc, etc….  if you were there between 1962 -to- 1968 helping put the scene together, then its about You Too !! )

You Can Help …

We’re straightening up the story line during a ten year piece of history (1963-1973) in a documentary film that is being told straight out of the mouths and hearts of The True Believers of The Psychedelic Era. We need one or two financial backers who will support our film so that the real story, the true story, the authentic story, the official story, will be told right once and for all. Our mission per Chet Helms is to “Set the record straight.” In other words … not to fatten up history with myths but to ‘truthen’ up history with facts so that our time — the time of all times — will not be twisted, misrepresented or distorted. Honest history isn’t secondhand information. Real history is experience-based, empirical evidence and we have it interviews never heard before, and film footage and photos never seen before. If you believe 1963-1973 is a crucial piece of World History, please tell us why and how you would go about generating the funds to make it happen.

Chet’s favorite song of this period ;  ” Get Together ” :


Dino Valenti ( songwriter of Get together), sings the Theme Song of the 60’s — in the back yard in 1990 :

Above is Dino in 1990,  below is :

Dino back in the Summer of Love :

The Theme of the Scene was ” Let’s Get Together “

…… and years later Dino’s son Joli Valenti sings the song at the Artista Gathering :


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  1. Jmac2day says:

    Did you “Experience” this ERA ? ……….. do you feel strongly about what should be in this film ? *Then you should contact us, and you should tell us your story on the appropriate pages of this site.

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